Sort & Sell – Packing Supplies

Sort – Sell, Give Away or Throw Out
Now is the perfect time to take a real hard look at some of those items collecting dust in the attic or garage. The kids toys, games and books that have not been touched since they turned thirteen. If you have not used it in the last two years chances are you will not use it in the next two years. Then there is that old dresser, the one with the broken leg that you have glued several times. Consider a yard sale, donations to charity, a trip to the local dump or all three. The less you have to move the lower the cost to you, regardless of which mode of transport you choose. Make a list or three lists in your notebook. Set a date for the yard sale and mark it on your calendar.

Assemble Packing Supplies
Now that you have determined what items you are moving you can start collecting your packing materials. Boxes, packing tape, packing paper, bubble wrap, etc. If you purchase from a moving supply company, buy in bulk (especially boxes), it will cost you less. Pickup clean boxes from liquor stores, grocery stores and local furniture retailers.

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