Sofas-Couches-Stereo Components

Sofas, Couches, Stereo Components

Sofas, Couches and Hide-a-Beds
What you will need: Resealable plastic sandwich bags, trash bags, tape, rope, blankets, a plastic sofa cover. Sofa covers may be purchased from most moving companies.

How to pack: Remove legs if possible. When moving furniture, remember to place wing nuts or screws in a resealable bag so that these critical components don’t get lost during the house moving process. Label the bag and tape to the bottom of the furniture piece. Place sofa cushions and pillows in large plastic bags. These protected pillows can be used as pads or fillers in the mover vehicle. Pad all furniture items with blankets or bubble wrap. Secure padding to furniture with tape and rope. Cover couches a plastic sofa cover and attach with tape and rope. If you are moving a cot or hide-a-bed, you MUST tie it closed before attempting to move it. Not doing so can result in serious injury including the loss of fingers.

Stereo Components
What you will need: Tape, plastic bags, original packing boxes and foam forms; or two moving boxes (one a size larger than the other), and packing peanuts.

How to pack: Make sure all components are completely cooled off. When taping up cords, implement a color-coding system to mark where cables and cords should go once you get to your new home. Check your electronics manual to see whether you should tighten screws to hold internal components in place. If you have a turntable, tape down the “platter” the record sits on and tape the arm to the arm rest so it doesn’t move, potentially damaging the needle. If you can, remove the plastic turntable cover and pack separately. Put all components in individual plastic bags to keep them from getting dirty during the move and to keep packing peanuts out of the equipment. When possible, pack components in their original boxes, or put them in double boxes. Fill two boxes of different sizes (both larger than the item) with packing material. In the smaller box filled with packing material, place the component gently, so it doesn’t touch the cardboard. Place the smaller box gently inside the larger box. This double-box method will protect from sharp edges during your move. Do not bundle components together in the boxes unless they are small enough to be separated by packing peanuts. Tape the box shut and label “Fragile – Stereo/Audio”. Make sure these labels are bold and legible enough so your movers can read them.

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