Pianos-Pool Tables

Pianos, Pool Tables
Pianos are very heavy. An average piano can weigh from three to five hundred pounds while full-sized upright pianos can weigh anywhere from five hundred to as much as a thousand pounds. Moving a piano it is not simply a matter of weight. It is the shape, the fragile outer cabinet, the intricate and delicate inner mechanics and the uneven distribution of parts. To move a piano properly you must have the proper equipment and be knowledgeable about the unique dynamics of balance and inertia that pianos pose. Do not take unnecessary chances for yourself and your piano. Hire a professional.

Pool Tables
Hire a professional to do it right. They will remove the bumpers, remove the felt, disassemble the table, remove the slate and prepare for transit by crate. At your destination the professionals will uncrate the slate, reassemble the table, level the table and reinstall the felt.

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