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Welcome to Philadelphia!

House moving can make you feel all alone, even when our movers are taking you to the city of Brotherly Love. Which is why, as one of the country’s favorite moving companies, we try to make your declaration of Independence as successful as the first. As you have probably grown quite sick of packing, getting ready to make America’s first capitol your new home, here are some things to look for in your new hometown, Philadelphia, PA.

Sports: Philadelphia has one of the most ravenous sports fan-bases in the world. Between the Eagles football fans and the Phillies baseball fans, you are unlikely to visit a bar or restaurant where someone is not representing their team colors.

History: Philadelphia is the home to the First Continental Congress, who wrote and signed the Declaration of Independence, announcing our nation to the world for the first time. This history is all preserved on Independence Mall, where tourists can see the room where the Declaration was signed, visit the house where Jefferson wrote the document and visit the Liberty Bell, all in a three-block radius.

Architecture: Philadelphia has several world famous buildings that have become synonymous with history as well as modernity. From the intricate city hall–topped by state founder William Penn–to the all-glass obelisk known as the Cira Center to one of the most famous museums in the world, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, to one of the tallest buildings in the US, the Comcast Center, Philadelphia’s landmarks make it rich beyond its history.

Food: Philadelphia is home to some of the most famous comfort food the world has ever produced. From Philadelphia Italian ice to soft pretzels, Philadelphian’s know how to snack. But perhaps the most famous treat is the cheese steak, a kind of steak sandwich that the city made famous.

As your moving company, we are here to help as you settle into your new surroundings. Once the moving and storage is done and our movers have left, let the exploration of your new backyard begin. And once again, welcome to Philadelphia, PA.

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