Moving Help Tips – Loading

If you take the time and care when you load your container, van or trailer it will not only save you money it will protect your household items during the moving. Make certain you have lots of moving pads, blankets, bubble wrap, cardboard and other packing materials on hand before you start to load. Loose cushions from sofas, loveseats and chairs, pillows and quilted blankets should be placed in large plastic bags and may be used as pads between furniture to prevent rubbing. Load your items as tight as possible to prevent shifting, rubbing or puncturing during transit. Do not leave empty spaces between boxes and your furnishings. Space between items will cause movement which may cause damage. Rent a 12 to 14 foot trailer loading ramp and an appliance dolly. Ramps and dollies can be rented by the hour or day from most general rental stores or moving supply companies. Be certain to place cardboard or plastic sheeting on the floor of the trailer prior to loading to prevent your belongings from getting soiled.

Begin by loading your heavy appliances first. Place them on the floor against the front wall of the trailer. Load sofas on end, in the right or left corners of the front wall of the trailer and secure them in place with large heavy boxes or heavy appliances. This makes the best use of available space. Continue loading the trailer placing heavy items on the bottom, fragile and lighter items on the top.
Use your space well.  Pack it high and tight. Use blocks and braces where needed and be certain to tie off everything you can in order to reduce the risk of your shipment shifting forward when the transport vehicle makes a stop. Save “last load” items for the rear of your shipment. These will be the items you will want immediate access to as soon as the van or trailer arrives at your new home.


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