Moving Help Tips – Lamps, Lawn Furniture, Lawn Tools

Lamps, Lawn Furniture, Lawn Tools

What you will need:
Tape, Medium or large moving boxes, Bubble wrap.
How to pack:
Take light bulbs, harps, and lamp shades off lamp. Wrap lamp shades in bubble wrap and stack them in a large box with wadded packing paper. Wrap cord around lamp and wrap lamp in bubble wrap. Place lamps in boxes with wadded packing paper. Tape box shut and mark “Fragile – Lamps”.

Lawn Furniture
What you will need:
Tape, Large flat moving boxes for any glass tabletops ,Packing paper and bubble wrap for glass tabletops.
How to pack:
Packing is easy if you have furniture with no breakable parts. Hose down/clean off your furniture. Disassemble any parts. Tape them together, or put small pieces in ziplock bags and tape to the furniture. If you have glass tabletops, wrap them in bubble wrap and put them in flat boxes used for mirrors and artwork. Tape box shut and boldly mark “Fragile – Glass”.

Lawnmowers and Lawn Tools
What you will need:
Tape, Storage containers for hazardous materials.
How to pack:
Clean your lawnmower underneath of all grass and debris (use a hose). Clean other lawn tools and equipment. Drain gas and oil out of the lawnmower into storage containers. Contact your local recycling company or Environmental Protection Agency office for information on disposing of the gas and oil. Tape or tie handles of rakes, shovels, and other garden tools. Pack smaller garden/lawn items in a box. Drain your garden hose down a hill, roll up, and put in a box. Tape boxes shut and label “Garden Shed”.

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