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What Not To Pack
It is dangerous and illegal to pack and move flammable and hazardous materials.
Heat from the sun can raise temperatures inside a closed moving van to well over 150 degrees. Since vans travel through warm climates or high altitudes (both dangerous to pressurized containers) to reach their destinations, any article which may become explosive is prohibited from being placed in your shipment.

The following items should not be packed:
household cleaners, acids, liquid plumber and car or boat batteries.
ammunition, bullets, flares, fireworks and detonators.
Flammable Liquids
gasoline, lighter fluid, paint, paint thinner, glue, kerosene, acetone (includes nail polish remover), tar remover, turpentine, lacquer remover, alcohol and lamp oils.
Flammable Solids
matches and fuel tablets.
either pressured or liquefied, propane tanks, oxygen, helium, household fuel, *aerosol cans, paint cleaner and butane lighters.
wine, beer and alcohol.
bleach, disinfectants, organic peroxides, fertilizers, pool chemicals and chlorine in any form.
pesticides, herbicides, fumigants and photographic chemicals.
Any aerosol can including but not limited to
hair spray , shaving cream , deodorants , insecticides , cleaning products , spray starch , spray paint
Any other items that might be susceptible to combustion, like oily rags and charcoal, should not be packed for shipping.

What to do with Not to Pack Items
Call your local recycling pick-up provider, fire station, or the nearest Environmental Protection Agency office to learn how to properly dispose of flammable and hazardous materials before you move. If you have a small can of turpentine or leftover paint, ask your neighbors if they can use it. Otherwise, dispose of it properly with assistance from your recycling company or the EPA.

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