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If you are like most Americans, appliances and electronics are among the most valuable and important items in your home. So as your house moving begins, you must take extra-special care that your appliances make the trip safely. Packing appliances incorrectly can result in broken glass, cosmetic dents or even broken appliances.

Appliances – Small (Toaster, Blender)
What you will need:
Tape, Packing paper or your own towels and linens, Medium moving boxes.
Do not use packing peanuts or shredded packing paper, which could get into the machines and cause damage unless you wrap your appliances in a plastic bag first.

How to pack:
Group kitchen appliances like hand-held vacuums and telephones, two or three to a box. (Make sure they are clean.) Before loading boxes, make sure everything is clean. Double-tape the bottom of the box, as it may get heavy. Pad the bottom of the box with towels, sheets or wadded packing paper (not shredded) to cushion against friction. Put the appliances in and pad them well all around with packing material. Then put another layer of packing materials on top, seal the box, and mark it “Kitchen Appliances”. Make sure these markings are clear and legible for your movers

Appliances – Medium (Microwave and Convection Ovens)
What you will need:
Tape , Packing paper , Medium to large sturdy moving box .
How to pack: After giving these appliances a thorough cleaning, remove any trays, racks or pots. Get a separate box for these rack items, pack and label separately. Roll up the cords and fasten to each appliance. This box will be heavy so double-tape the box bottom and pad liberally with towels, sheets or wadded packing paper (not shredded). Place the appliance into the middle of the box and fill in all of the empty space around and on top of it with wadded packing paper. Securely seal the top of the box. For these larger appliances, we recommend using a full box per appliance as not to overload or crush any of your favorite kitchen tools. Mark all sides of the box with bold arrows pointing upward and label it “Fragile – Microwave”. Make sure these markings are clear and legible for your movers.

Appliances – Big (Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Air conditioners and Refrigerators)
Before you pack any of these appliances, read your users manual for each appliance for moving help and for any special precautions you may need to take. Also consider servicing all your appliances a week or two before you move especially if this has not been done in a while. Whether llocal moving or long-distance moving, always remember to pad the outside of these larger appliances so they don’t bang around in the moving van.
What you will need:
Tape, Large pads, Rope, Your towels and linens, clothes and stuffed animals for washing machines.

Washing Machine
Do all your wash a couple of days before your moving company is set to arrive. Drain all the water out of the washer. If possible, tip it sideways to empty out any remaining water from the water hose. Dry the interior completely with a towel. Remove all attachments, hoses and fittings and put them in a plastic bag. Stuff towels between the washing machine sides and the tub to keep the tub from rotating. Fill the basket with clothes, linens, and stuffed animals to hold it in place. Tape the top shut and fasten the electrical cord to the outside. Pad the outside and move to a common area to clear a path for your movers.

Disconnect the exhaust hose from the back of the dryer and from the exhaust duct in the wall. Loosely roll the hose and place it in the dryer basket. Tape the lint screen, electrical cord, and dryer door to the dryer body. Pad the outside and move to a common area to clear a path for your movers.

As your primary food storage unit, your refrigerator should be thoroughly cleaned before your moving company arrives, especially for long-distance moves. One day before moving, empty out the contents and defrost so that your freezer doesn’t melt in the hot moving van. Unplug your refrigerator and empty the drainage pan underneath. Disconnect and drain out your automatic ice maker. Clean the walls, drawers, and shelves. Check your manual to see whether you should raise or lower your refrigerator’s leveling rollers for the move. Wrap shelves (especially if they are glass) with pads, towels or packing paper and tape them together. Tape down all other loose parts, including the drawers on the inside and the electrical cord and doors on the outside. Pad the outside and move to a common area to clear a path for your movers.

Clean the oven and stovetop. Place all oven racks on the bottom rung and tape down. Tape down the burners and the protective pans under each burner, or box them separately. See your manual to disconnect the stove. Tape the electrical cord and door to the stove (lock the door, if you can). Pad the outside and move to a common area to clear a path for your movers.

Remove all dishes and tape down the racks and silverware basket. Close, lock and tape the door shut. Your manual should have instructions for removing and draining the water hose. Tape the hose and cord to the dishwasher. Pad the outside and move to a common area to clear a path for your movers.

Air Conditioner
If your air conditioner is in use, you will need to discontinue use a day before your moving service arrives so the coils can dry and cool off. If you decide to keep the current air filter, remove and clean it before packing. If you would like to replace it, do so before packing. Tape the cord to the side of the air conditioner (not the back, where the coils are). Use the original packing box, if you have it, or another large appliance box well padded with wadded packing paper. Make sure to double or triple-tape the box bottom as this box will be extremely heavy. Moreso than with other appliances, avoid using packing peanuts, even if you decide to bag your air conditioner, because the peanuts could get inside the air conditioner and clog internal fans and moving parts. If you do have a box, securely tie two large pads around the air conditioner to protect the coils.

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