Moving Checklist – Start Packing, Valuable items

Key Methods of Packing; Organization

Start with one room at a time.

The best way to make the packing process easier and most efficient is to start with one room at a time and not to move to another until completely finished! We suggest starting with the room containing the least items, such as bathrooms or bedrooms and then move to the more “crowded” rooms that will need more time and thought as to how to categorize items (i.e.; the kitchen, the basement, the garage, etc.).

Label! Label! Label! List! List! List!

Make sure you have labels ready for your boxes and a notebook to list the items you packed in each box. We recommend that your inventory list look something like this:  Room name (kitchen, bedroom, etc.) > Box number (1, 2, 3, etc.) > Box item list (utensils, dish towels, linens, etc.)  Please click on the link below to go back to the main “moving checklists & form” page for a free printable packing form for any type of move.

Secure your possessions.

If you have valuable items it is recommended that you take pictures of each item, as there is a possibility that items can be damaged during a move. Whether it be proof for your insurance company, leverage in a possible lawsuit against a moving company, or simply for your own peace of mind, it is always good to prepare for the worst.  After all, these are your valuables! And of course, the smartest thing to do is to pack items safely and securely initially, in order to prevent anything from happening.

Items you cannot pack
Flammable and hazardous materials cannot be packed and cannot be placed on a moving truck, as they can be harmful to the movers and can cause damage to the truck or to other items on the truck. You will need to contact your local disposal or environmental authority to get information on how to properly dispose of dangerous/hazardous materials and to schedule a disposal at least a week prior to the day of the move.

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