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Moving Budget, Mode of Transport, Cost Estimates

Moving Budget

Employer Paid For 
If your new job is not giving you a lump sum for your moving costs, make certain to keep receipts of all moving expenses (automobile transport, moving company, packing or loading services, moving truck rental, meals and accommodation) that your company might cover. Then find out how you will be compensated for your movers and other moving company expenses. There could be tax implications so be certain to ask them how this will affect you tax-wise. You may wish to consult an accountant.
You Pay For 
Outline a moving budget. Depending on the mode of transport you chose, you will need to factor in all costs involved in your move and a budget is the first place to start. How much can we afford to spend?

Choose a Mode of Transport 
Full Service Moving Companies
Full service movers pack, load, drive, unload and unpack. These movers come fully equipped with all the necessary packing materials to box, crate, wrap, cushion and pad everything in your home, garage or shed. Moving furniture is a breeze as this type of moving and storage can disassemble, carry and safely pack even the most cumbersome furniture items. The moving company van is fully equipped with ramps, moving blankets, mattress covers, furniture pads, packing supplies, tools, logistics strapping and anything else you can think of to perform a full service move. All you have to do is label the rooms in your old home and the corresponding rooms in your new home to let the movers know where you want things in your new home. You should be present at all times to supervise the movers whether they are packing, loading, unloading or unpacking.
Mid Service Moving Companies
Mid service movers do the heavy lifting for you and drive you where you need to go. You handle the packing and unpacking. Mid service moving means you will have everything ready when the movers arrive, including packing all boxes, disassembling furniture as needed, and securing fragile items. . Remember that while packing yourself can save you money, professional movers typically will not accept liability for damage to goods they have not packed themselves. Moving help you receive from there will involve loading items into the van, driving to your new home and unloading everything into the rooms you have requested
Self Service Moving Companies
Self service movers drive – you pack, load, unload and unpack.
Self service movers provide you with an empty container, van or trailer. Packing materials such as furniture pads are not included. Moving equipment such as dollies are not included. As well, ramps are often not included. The driver will arrive at your home with a container, van or trailer and leave it there for you to pack. You will be responsible to ensure there is adequate space for the container, van or trailer to be legally parked on the street, in your driveway or in the alley. You may be required to obtain a parking permit from your local city regulatory authorities. You pack all your household items and load everything into the container, van or trailer. When you have finished loading you give the driver a call and he returns to pick up the loaded container, van or trailer and drives it to your new home. He will leave it there for you to unload. Once again, you will need to ensure adequate space to be legally parked. When you have finished unloading you give the driver a call and he returns to pick up the empty container, van or trailer.
Moving Truck Rental Companies
Renting a truck and driving on your own is a great way to save money. But this method is not for everyone. There are some factors you should consider before going it alone for your big move.

Travel: If you are moving a long distance, calculate the number of days it will take you to arrive safely at your destination. Be sure to factor in the cost of gasoline for the truck, any toll charges, meals and lodging. If it doesn’t compute, you may want to call some long distance movers instead.

Truck: Determine the size of truck you will need to handle all your belongings. Equipment varies so ask for advice from your truck rental representative. Be certain to ask about the weight restrictions/limitations of the trucks as this could make a considerable difference if you have a small load that weighs a lot. Now add in the cost to rent the truck, insurance coverage and any additional mileage charges.

Equipment: Remember that moving equipment is not included with your truck so you have to factor in the cost of a ramp, an appliance dolly, some furniture pads, and tie-down strapping into your total moving budget.

Manpower: If you are only moving a short way and have reliable friends willing to lift your heaviest household items, you can save a lot of money. If not, you may consider hiring local movers.

Obtain Moving Cost Estimates
Now that you have a better idea of the size of your move and which mode of transport best suits your needs, start collecting estimates from moving companies or truck rental companies. If you have chosen to rent a truck for your move make your reservation well in advance and consider picking a move date midweek or midmonth for the best truck rates and availability.

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