Moving Checklist – Change of address,utilities, services

Change of Address
When house moving, it is important to register a change of address with your post office. As soon as you are certain of your actual move out date and move in date (within one or two days) go to your local post office and register your change of address for redirection of your mail. Once you are done, you will want to let the important people in your life know you are moving, The post office offers change-of-address cards so you can send a note to your nearest and dearest.

If you do not know what your new address will be, ask the postal service to hold your mail in their office in your new city.

Contact Utilities / Services Companies
Once you have your moving date from the moving company, you will want to have your utilities turned off and arrange for them to be turned on at your new residence. Ask your electricity, gas and water companies for a final meter reading on your move out date. Deliveries and publications like newspapers and magazines; as well as housekeeping or lawn care services must also be cancelled or transferred. Make sure to take care of this right away as some services take longer to transfer than others.

Transfer Accounts, Cancel Memberships, Collect Important Records 
Bank Accounts: Whether local moving or long distance moving, you won’t get very far without money. Head to your local bank branch to transfer your bank accounts to a branch at your new location, and order personal checks with your new address. You may not be able to transfer your accounts or, depending on branch availability in your new town, you may not want to. Ask your bank if they have locations where you are moving and, if not, close your account. If you have valuables in a safety deposit box you probably will not want to close this out until a day or two before your moversarrive.

Insurance: Contact your insurance companies and make arrangements to cancel your household insurance at your old residence and inquire about extended coverage for the contents of your home while you are moving. If possible, start making arrangements for coverage at your new residence. If you are renting a truck for your move ask your auto insurance company about coverage for the rental truck as it would be less expensive than purchasing insurance from the truck rental company.

Memberships: Some memberships, such as golf club memberships or local supermarket savings clubs may not be transferable. Some clubs or organizations may offer partial refunds or allow you to sell unused portions of your membership. Ask about their policies. If you have a library card, cancel this as well and return any books you have out on loan.

Medical, Dental, School, Veterinary Records: One of the longest processes you will have to face when house moving is getting medical and school records transferred and locating new services in your new town. If your medical or school records cannot be released digitally, request that your records be released to you and arrange to pick them up at some time prior to your move date. If you haven’t already located a new doctor, make sure you check to make sure the doctor you select accepts your insurance and is accepting new patients. Ask your existing Doctors if they can refer you to a care provider in your new city.

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