Move Notebook-Move Calendar-Move Folder

Start a Notebook and Label it MOVE NOTEBOOK 
This will become your reference guide throughout the move. On the back page of the notebook, start a list with the heading Don’t Forget and record reminders for yourself as you think of them along the way. Check your list every other day so you stay on top of things yet to do.

Start a Wall Calendar and Label it MOVE CALENDAR
As you begin the process of preparing for the move you will need to set certain target dates and schedule appointment times. Mark the calendar on the wall as a reminder so you know well in advance when something needs to be done or when you have scheduled an appointment that has to be kept.

Start a File Folder and Label it MOVE FOLDER 
Keep any moving related papers such a mover quotes, truck rental quotes and packing supply cost comparisons in this folder. Also, keep any receipts related to your move in here. Some of your expenses may be tax deductible. If you are on a tight budget you may want to keep a running list of expenses in your notebook so you can monitor actual costs to budgeted costs.

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