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Grandfather Clocks
Grandfather clocks are some of the most difficult pieces of furniture to move. They are easy to tip over, highly fragile and contain many breakable, moving parts. As such, we recommend that you hire a professional moving company. They will remove weights and pendulum, secure movement, provide a sturdy crate for the clock and protect it fully from damage for your move. At your destination the moving service will uncrate your clock, reassemble it and set the syncopation back to normal. Do not take unnecessary and costly chances with your grandfather clock. Hire professional movers.

Kids’ Toys
What you will need:
Tape, Packing paper, Medium and large moving boxes.
How to pack:
Most kids’ toys are somewhat non-breakable and can be placed in boxes with some wadded packing paper or extra clothes to fill empty spaces. Breakable toys like models or porcelain dolls can be wrapped in extra clothes and packed in wadded packing paper. Make sure you drain water from squirt guns and seal paints and other safe but messy materials in ziplock bags or containers. Pack them together in a box lined with a plastic bag. Tape the box shut and label with the “Child’s Name”.

Kitchen Items — Non-Breakable
What you will need: Tape, Medium and large moving boxes, Your kitchen towels and linens, Packing paper.

How to pack: First, make sure all your kitchen items are clean. Group your kitchen’s non-breakable items like pots, pans, cutlery, cooking utensils, canisters, plastic bowls, cups or other non-breakable items and box them accordingly. Use packing paper to pad the boxes. Tape the box shut and label accordingly to your grouping “Kitchen – Pots & Pans” etc.

Kitchen Items – Breakable
What you will need: Tape, Small and medium moving boxes, Bubble wrap, Packing peanuts or packing paper.

How to pack Plates and Bowls: Place a layer of wadded packing paper or packing peanuts in the bottom of the box. Stack the plates, largest to smallest and continue on top of that with stacks of bowls, largest to smallest. Begin with your largest plates and stack them in the middle of the box, alternating one plate with one layer of bubble wrap or packing paper to prevent friction damage. Continue until you are near the top of the box. Fill in all empty spaces on the top and sides, with packing material and double-tape all sides, as this box is likely to be heavy. Boldly mark on all sides “Fragile – China”. Make sure these labels are big enough and clear enough that your moving company can read them.

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