Checklist Information – One Week Before, Move Day

One Week Before Your Move

Confirm arrangements for move day with the moving company, moving truck rental company, moving equipment rental company and any other moving service. Confirm arrangements for move day with any help you have hired, friends or family members. Confirm arrangements for move day with sitters for the children and pets. Confirm reservations for travel and accommodation. Dispose of any corrosives, explosives, flammable liquids, flammable solids, gases and poisons.

If you have not hired help for moving furniture, you will have to dismantle all your furniture items too large to fit on the truck as-is. Usually, furniture that must be disassembled includes entertainment centers, bookcases, desks, shelving units and bed frames. Remove pictures, wrap, package and box the pieces of these items for easy reassemble on your arrival.

Defrost clean and dry out your refrigerator and freezer 24 hours before the day of your move.

Assemble the necessary important papers and documents you will need to carry with you on move day. These items should be carried in your wallet or placed in your MOVE BOX.

Start a Box and Label It
Pack up a box with items that you know you will need the first day or night that you arrive at your new home. Your move box should include things you know you will be scrambling for when you arrive. A sleeping bag or blankets, clothes, some towels, hand soap, toilet paper, tooth brush, toothpaste, toiletries, first aid kit, medications, aspirin or other pain relievers, plastic cups, snacks, coffee pot, beverages, cleaning supplies, trash bags, paper towels, flashlight, light bulbs, telephone, radio, tool kit (scissors, hammer, utility knife, screw driver, pliers, masking tape).

Move Day
Make certain you are present at all times to supervise the move and your movers.
Complete any last minute cleaning. Turn down the thermostat on the furnace.  Make certain all interior water taps are turned off. Check the outdoor taps to make certain they are turned off. Take a final reading on the gas, water and electricity meters. Check to make certain the telephone service has been disconnected.    Check the basement, attic, storage shed and each room for missed items. Check all closets, drawers, cupboards and crawl spaces. Make certain all of the windows are closed and locked. Turn off all of the lights. Leave all keys on the counter or with the real estate agent. Leave the garage door openers on the counter. Leave all appliance operating manuals on the counter. Leave operating manuals for underground sprinkler and security system on the counter, Empty the garbage, Close and lock all of the doors.


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